International Map
Collage, Paris, 2006

“In the taxi, the driver asks me where I come from, I answer that I am French and Egyptian. He then said to me: “Ok but where were you born?

- in France.

- So you're French. ”

I never felt that I belonged to one country, growing up, it was above all a difficulty living between two cultures, on the one hand the western and the other the eastern, the first considering the other as less developed. I finally managed to nourish myself with the mixture of the two, each one an integral part of my life.

This map is an invented and fantasized country, mixing the places where I lived, my territory. ”

There is part of the countryside “Ain”  (upper part) where I grew up from 0 to 7, Lyon, (left part) where I lived from 7 to 9 and from 17 to 20, Cairo (right part) where I lived from 9 to 17, Lausanne (south part) where I was between 20 to 24, and Finally Paris (middle part) from 24 to 27