Action -photography, Mexico, 2007

A body which holds a mirror and shows the landscape around it. Another on the ground that perceives the space. A look at the world through a glass sphere ... In each of its actions, the mirror or glass object becomes a source of ambiguity and complicates observation. A special relationship between object, space and the viewer is created thanks to the illusory nature of the material.

The mirror carried in the street frames the opposite sidewalk, reconsiders it, recomposes it.

The one on the ground brings two realities into contact. It brings together two textures, those of rough floors and facades designed like Apollonian towers, ice marble.

Finally, the sphere concentrates the rays of light and brings together the disparate elements of the city in a circle of calm, pause, content, for a moment. It provides appeasement, like a moment of clarity in a context of complexity.