Action, Mexico, 2007

Imagine a system that freely feeds itself with different actions, which is not driven by a single idea. Not a set that only allows mono culture, but a structure that allows and encourages multiple possibilities or behaviors.

In the "montuno" of Latin American salsa, two choristers on either side of the singer, approach the microphone and sing a phrase, take a step back in the same movement, then after a certain moment repeat the same phrase. They determine a tempo, an interval structured in which the singer in the center, can improvise and vary each time in complete freedom.

In New York, the grid is the city's urban identity. The more the blocks are different from each other, the more the grid is revealed. The more each entities express themselves independently, the more the identity is reinforced.

Like these two examples, this logo designed in 2007 represents a system which allows different directions to coexist, and which feeds itself on differences, rather than advocating a one-way system.